Pictures of Ecstasy
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Pictures of Ecstasy

Pictures of Ecstasy: The Basic Facts
Pictures of ecstasy (MDMA) state that ecstasy is a synthetic psychoactive drug. It has mind altering effects on the user with hallucinogenic and amphetamine-like properties. The chemical structure of ecstasy is similar to MDA and methamphetamine. These drugs have been shown to cause brain damage in those who use them. Pictures of ecstasy have found that this drug was originally created as a diet aid. It was also used experimentally by some counselors during therapy to help remove their patient’s inhibitions.

Ecstasy Pictures

Pictures of Ecstasy: What does it look like?
Typically, pictures of ecstasy show that this drug comes in tablet form. It is sometimes imprinted with graphic designs or logos to indicate its “brand.” However, these imprints are often duplicated by dealers and used to up sale their product. Those purchasing the drug believe they are taking a particular type of ecstasy when in reality they may be taking something completely different. This can be very dangerous for those who use the drug.

Pictures of Ecstasy

Pictures of Ecstasy: How is it taken?
Pictures of ecstasy note that this drug is usually swallowed in tablet form. However, some users will crush and snort it, others inject the drug, and there are some who take ecstasy in suppository form.

Pictures of Ecstasy: Who uses it?
Pictures of ecstasy take notice that this drug is typically used by middle-class youth and young adults. They purchase and take the drug at bars, underground nightclubs, and raves.

MDMA Pictures

Pictures of Ecstasy: What are its effects?
The effects of ecstasy make the user feel energized, compassionate, trusting, and open. Pictures of ecstasy know that it is sometimes referred to as the “love drug” because of these effects. Ecstasy distorts the user’s perceptions of time and their physical experiences. These effects last approximately three to six hours.

Pictures of MDMA

Pictures of Ecstasy: What are the hazards of using it?
Ecstasy is very dangerous for those individuals with circulatory or heart disease because the drug increases heart rate and blood pressure. Pictures of ecstasy show that some users may develop an acne like rash which is indicative of liver damage and may worsen if they continue to use the drug. Pictures of ecstasy have found that those who use ecstasy experience problems similar to meth and cocaine users as seen in the following list:
•Blurred vision
•Chills or sweating
•Drug craving
•Involuntary teeth clenching
•Muscle tension
•Psychological problems
•Psychotic episodes
•Rapid eye movement
•Severe anxiety
•Sleep problems

Pictures of Ecstasy:  Is it addictive?
Yes, ecstasy is addictive. Pictures of ecstasy would like you to know that those who use ecstasy tend to crave more and more of the drug to get the same feeling of being “high.” Additionally, there are several withdrawal symptoms one experiences when they stop taking ecstasy. They include:
•Depressed feelings
•Loss of appetite
•Trouble concentrating

Pictures of Ecstasy:  What is the drug purity?
Pictures of ecstasy have found that ecstasy tablets are often mixed with other substances such as:
•Dextromethorphan (DXM, a cough suppressant that has PCP-like effects at high doses)
•Ephedrine (a stimulant)
•Ketamine (an anesthetic used mostly by veterinarians that also has PCP-like effects)

Pictures of Ecstasy
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